Enhancing the teaching and learning of Geography with Online Technologies

Having kindly been asked by Liz Taylor to talk to the ITE students at the Faculty of Education, I will be spending this afternoon in Cambridge exploring the ways in which the teaching and learning of geography can be enhanced using new technologies. Within my presentation I will be exploring websites, VLE’s, blogs, wikis and podcasts.

When carrying out some research for my presentation I was intrigued by the following quote “When I go to school I have to power down“, from here I was only a few clicks away from finding this video clip which is described on youtube as being “…. created in an effort to motivate teachers to more effectively use technology in their teaching.” This simple but effective clip certainly does that and poses many questions for us as teachers to consider – all of which are relevant to my presentation.

Paying Attention

Today’s presentation was entitled “Becoming part of the Online Revolution” and it also forms the basis of a talk I am due to give at the 2007 SAGT conference up in Edinburgh in October. The powerpoint from today’s talk can be viewed below.


The handouts from today’s session can also be download here:


Having discussed in today’s presentation the benefits of blogs and how as a collaborative tool they can be used to enhance teaching and learning, here is an excellent simple guide to setting up your own blogger blog – written and shared by kind permission of John Barlow (Archbishop Blanch School)


As part of the presentation I also showed the following two video clips which help to explain firstly what Wikis are and secondly how Wikis can be used.

What is a Wiki? (PbWiki)

How do you use PbWiki? (PbWiki)


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