Taking Geography Forward

Ollie Bray, geographer and deputy headteacher at Musselburgh Grammar School writes an excellent blog exploring both his responsibilities at Musselburgh Grammar as well as his role as East Lothian Subject Support Co-ordinator for Geography.

Earlier this week Ollie spent a day working with Brighton and Hove Geography Teachers looking at “Taking Geography Forward”. As well as looking at the basics (such as internet, video, images etc.), Ollie spent time looking at new tools for teachers (such as web 2.0, blogs, podcasts etc.) as well as giving consideration to how to access and manage online information as a 21st century teacher and Geography futures.

Ollie has produced an excellent online handout which supports his presentation – this includes his powerpoints, written notes and embedded YouTube videos. There is a wealth of information here for all geography teachers and many inspirational ideas to enthuse geographers and get them used to using new technologies to enhance teaching and learning in the geography classroom.

As well as introducing new technologies Ollie’s handout contains lost of valuable tips for use of old favourites such as search engines, powerpoints etc. and is well worth taking the time to read. It is also worth keeping up with the rest of Ollie’s blog which never fails to inspire!


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