Embedding photo slideshows in blogs

Thanks to a post on Joe Dale’s blog, I have just discovered a great slideshow tool called FlickrSLiDr which allows you to embed a flickr photo set as a slideshow in your blog. The tool is very easy to use, simply add the URL of your photoset and add any required details and you are provided with html coding for embedding yor slideshow in your blog. As with some other widgets, this doesn’t appear to be currently supported by wordpress, however it works very well in blogger. See an example slideshow of our recent fieldtrip to Iceland, here on the igeogblogger site.

This got me thinking about what other options are available to bloggers for embedding photos as slideshows – FlickrSLiDR is great for blogger, but what other options are there for wordpress users? Currently, Rock You, Slide.com, SlashCast and SlideShare are all compatible with both blogger and wordpress. Slideshare, is great for sharing powerpoints and can also be used for showing photos, but the other three sites provide greater functionality for creating slideshows in that you can get photos to loop automatically, add special effects, music and use a range of styles.

The following examples give some idea of what is achievable using RockYou and Slide.com

1. Slide.com – you can easily add photos from a variety of online photo storage sites, including amongst others, Bebo, MySpace, Photobucket, Facebook and Flickr, as well as uploading directly from your PC – there are a variety of styles and effects which can be used to tailor this to exactly what you want! This is an example created by linking to my Iceland Flickr photoset, making use of the sliding theme.

2. RockYou – again – photos can easily be added from a variety of sources, although I don’t think you can embed direct from Flickr at the moment (although I could be wrong!) – you can customise your slideshow using different styles and themes and easily add music from a good selection of modern tunes! This example uses the cube theme.

[rockyou id=65251596&w=426&h=319]
Examples of other Slideshow sites include:


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