Embedding Animoto in WordPress!

Thanks to Jason Hsiao from Animoto, who had remembered a query I e-mailed through earlier in the year and kindly e-mailed me again this week to tell me about a workaround one of Animoto’s users has found to enable the embedding of Animoto in blogs using a tool called VodPod. To embed animoto and videos from lots of other sites you simply need to:

1. Visit http://vodpod.com/wordpress

2. Click on the install now button – close and restart yourbrowser and you should find a blue button in the browser bar with a W.

3. When you are visiting a page with a video on that you want to embed in your blog – an Animoto or other video, simply click on the button. A box will appear for you to add in your blog details (including login and password) and details you wish including in the post. The video will then be posted directly to your blog (a little like using Live Writer, but for videos!)

As you can see below – it works a treat!!! Now all I need to do is invest in Animoto’s option to make longer movies now I know I can use them in wordpress – brilliant! (Many thanks to Jason for letting me know about this!)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

2 Responses to “Embedding Animoto in WordPress!”

  1. Wendy DG Says:

    Everything looks like it’s working with my VodPod button, but alas, the video does not appear in my WordPress blog. (It sure is easy in Blogger, though.) I’ll keep trying. I did manage to use Coolplayer to embed YouTube videos. But, I really want this to work with Animoto so my students can share their work. Any other ideas?

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