Embedding Scribd in WordPress!

UPDATE: Unfortunately embedding Scribd using vodpod doesn’t work anymore the facility to do this has been removed.

It just gets better….. now wordpress users who don’t host their own site can still have the flexibility to embed scribd using vodpod (as described in previous posts for embedding Voki and Animoto). First of all make sure you have installed the vodpod button as follows….

1. Visit http://vodpod.com/wordpress

2. Click on the install now button – close and restart yourbrowser and you should find a blue button in the browser bar with a W.

3. When you have uploaded a document to scribd or found a document you want to embed, simply click on the “Post to WordPress” button on your browser tool bar whilst on the page with the document you want embedding.

Altering the size / position of the embedded Scribd

Once the document has been embedded in a post, to alter the position or post it is in, simply go to edit post and copy the embedding code. You can also change the size of the embedded scribd to make it easier to read, simply open up the edit page and locate the code eg. vodpod***************&w=425&h=350&fv=] – then alter the w and h – either by doubling or by multiplying the numbers proportionally to make it bigger.

Here is an example of a Scribd document I found on the basics of podcasting – finally embedded into wordpress! Here I have set the Width at 643and the Height at 513. Remember also this embedding tool works with all sorts of videos!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

13 Responses to “Embedding Scribd in WordPress!”

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  2. Universalgeni Says:

    Vod:Pod have a new system now. It is just a few weeks old and it does not work with pdfs? I was not able to…

  3. Universalgeni Says:

    Yes I was! It is terrific! Thank you so much!

  4. Universalgeni Says:

    The sites docstoc and issue also work as embeds in a WordPress.com blog but only if you use Firefox.

    IE won’t work. The Wod:Pod button will only take the embed link as a copy/paste but even though it is possible to get a preview of the embed – the “Publish” button stays inactive. But Firefox can publish the embeds for you via VodPod.

    The site pdfmenot works like a charm in IE.



    The embeds from “issuu” is the winner. They come as flip magazines with a full screen feature. Full screen features do not work for Scribd, pdfmenot and docstoc.

    But issuu delivers!

  5. Universalgeni Says:

    I found out that Adobe Share also embeds on wordpress.com blogs via the Vod:Pod system. This link should bee added to the list in my comment above:


    Adobe Share offers no features. You get an unreadable but flip-able miniature embed that when clicked takes you to the Adobe Share homepage. Only then you can read the document.

  6. Universalgeni Says:

    Please delete this comment when read:

    My Scribd documents on my WP.com blog are down and have been for a couple of days. I tried to upload new documents but the embed code from Vod:Pod changes itself. I wonder if WP.com doing something to disable this feature? I wrote Vod:Pod a feedback about it.

  7. R Chambers Says:

    Yes – my Scribd document from above seems to have disappeared – I would be interested to hear what feedback you get from Vod:Pod.

  8. Universalgeni Says:

    No answer from VodPod yet…

  9. Universalgeni Says:

    Still no answer. I thik I will write Scribd next.

  10. beko75 Says:

    yes all the pdfs I have loaded using scribd does not show up anymore; actually file seems to be there but when you right click on the file/blank space flash player says video not loaded. wierd thing is they do show up on the vodpod widget on my side bar though. I believe wordpress has something to do with this.

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  12. Universalgeni Says:

    WordPress ruined it. We can’t do it anymore. Quoting Vod:Pod:

    “the WordPress folks asked us to make sure our tool works just for flash video embeds. So, currently, we do not support Scribd and other sites with our tool.”

    Source: http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=22843&replies=40#post-193351

    I don’t know if slideshows can embed via VodPod any more.

    The VodPod method was discussed in several threads. Example:

    Those were the happy days…

  13. geoblogbytes Says:

    Thank you for finding this out and sharing it on here – I have updated the post at the top to indicate it no longer works – but will keep the post as an archive of what was possible! Many thanks. Rob

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