SoundTransit – Adding Realism to Podcasts..

soundtransit.pngThanks to Joe Dale for the heads up on the SoundTransit website – one I’m really looking forward to exploring and making use of! This is an “online community dedicated to field recording and phonography”. All the sound files on the site come under the Creative Commons Attribution licence enabling and indeed encouraging the sharing and reuse of sounds. The sounds are from the environment around us, and include many of those sounds that we often take for granted, which could be superb for giving a realistic edge to those Geography podcasts or just give an added dimension and provide ambience in the classroom!

The language teaching community have already recognised the potential for using SoundTransit in the classroom, and this excellent article from Nick Peachey provides some great ideas which could easily be adapted for use in the Geography classroom – including the use of sounds to engage students in their own personal geographies – perhaps sounds from the site which they can relate most to? The added bonus is the sounds are tagged to places around the world and you can use the site in two very different ways, either by searching for a particular sound or by ‘booking’ a virtual sound journey – think of the potential! 

I can already think of uses for these sounds water droplets (Moscow) , melting glacier , Moskowsky Railway Station and Taman Negara Rainforest. Try it out and get those creative juices flowing – it would be great to hear people’s ideas for using these in the geography classroom – after all the idea of the site is to create a collaborative resource for sharing and reusing!


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