The Collaborative Classroom (1) – Wikis

Blogs are great for communicating with others in a one-one format, I certainly wouldn’t be without mine, and I’m really pleased that other departments in school are now starting to use these more. Whilst blogs have a comment function which can be put to good use to get students discussing ideas, what I am now interested in is looking at how new technologies can be used to develop a more collaborative approach; just what Wikis are designed for! I am hoping to start using a Wiki with at least one of my exam classes from September and in the mean time I am keen to get to grips with exactly how wikis work and how best to set them up for use in the classroom. As I carry out my research and look at examples I will try and document my findings here to share ideas and links with others.

I signed up for my own Wiki last year with PBWiki but haven’t had chance to put it to use yet! There are many Wiki sites available and one of the first things I will need to do is to look at which of the Wiki providers will work best for my needs, three of those I have heard most about are PBWiki, Wikispaces and Wetpaint.

As a starting point I have started to compile a set of resources and links for finding out more about the use of Wikis in Education.  The following Wiki etiquette for sudents page provides a great resource for advising students on the way to use a Wiki; from safety, tips to information on responsible use and referencing – an ideal starting point students. There are also lots of ideas here on how to set up your PBwiki for the first time, how to introduce it to students and how best to set up its structure for use with a class of students.

Other useful articles include:

Using Wiki in Education
Ways to use Wiki in Education
Wikis in the Classroom
Wikis – Videos and Powerpoints
Wikis in Education
Educational Wikis
A Wiki Walkthrough


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