Training Session: Join the Online Revolution (Homerton)

Today (Thurs 20th March) I have been working with trainee Geography teachers at Homerton College, Cambridge, exploring the use of new technologies in enhancing the teaching and learning of geography. My seminar is based on that I gave at the SAGT conference back in October 2007 and I have been exploring the use of websites and Web 2.0 technologies.


If you have just sat through the session I hope it has been useful and has given you some food for thought! Perhaps even some ideas for trying out in your main placement school. Below are the promised links to help you follow up some of the ideas that we have discussed today.


For a detailed overview of the presentation including further links – see the electronic handout I produced when I first presented this at the SAGT 2007 conference back in October. Also use the page links at the top of the blog to explore other uses of new technologies – for example Interactive Whiteboards.

Feedback and Questions

Please feel free to email me or leave comments here if you have any further questions on anything covered in the conference seminar or would like any further information on anything shown during the presentation.

Links to the St Ivo School Geography Department online resources are as follows:

GeoBytes Website – the main portal homepage (with links to all resources)

GeoBytes – AS/A2 Online Learning Community (examples of VLE pages – some of these are login only and are for students at St Ivo – some pages are public) – this was set up as a trial for VLE use in the 2005-2006 academic year. (the department are looking to re-develop this to coincide with teaching the new AS/A2 specifications for teaching in September 2008).

GeoBytesGCSE – a blog to support the OCR A GCSE course – a post is added for each key concept with a summary of key ideas and links to background reading, animations, videos, presentations and revision materials where appropriate.

GeoBlogBytes – my personal teacher blog used to support the specific classes I teach

GeoBytesAdvancedExtension  a blog set up to support students in preparation for the WJEC Advanced Extension Geography Paper

GeoBytesCoursework – a GCSE coursework support blog

GeoBytesTravelandTourism – a new blog, very much in its initial stages set up to support AS/A2 Travel and Tourism students following the Edexcel AS/A2 single and double award.


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