Geography Presentations on Slideshare

logo_header.gifThis morning we were talking about the Geography Presentations group on slideshare in which staff can share powerpoints. I have now remembered the address (my apologies for earlier) and you can access the presentation group here. Enjoy!

 I have also made the link below active for people to download my guide for setting up a WordPress Blog.


2 Responses to “Geography Presentations on Slideshare”

  1. Vashti Turner Says:

    Have been reading your comments on technology in the classroom and would really like to see just how complex it might be to start a blog in wordpress.

  2. geoblogbytes Says:

    Thank you for your post. It is very easy to start a blog in wordpress and actually it becomes quite addictive! Actually posting to your blog is as quick and easy as writing an email, but instead of pressing send you press publish and it is online! Have you downloaded my guide for setting up a wordpress blog. There is also a good guide for setting up a blogger blog, written by John Barlow. A download link can be found in my post from the SAGT Conference – called “Join the Online Revolution” There is also lots of information on there about blogging and associated issues! Enjoy!

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