Mind-mapping and Geography Revision

In my AST role I am starting to look at how new technologies can be used to support revision and I am hoping to run a session at school on my findings in April for those who are interested. As I research I am going to try and blog about as many potential tools as possible to. Mind mapping can be a great study aid for students,  mapping out key concepts of a particular topic and exploring their understanding of key issues. Although there are various options, Mindomo is a particularly good online mind-mapping tool.

Although, there are pay for versions, Mindomo has a free basic version which students and staff can use online. This is a simple online programme and what sets it apart from some other options is that multimedia can be added to the mind maps, including photographs, attachments, video and audio. This holds great potential for both staff and students and mind maps can be shared with others online. Topic areas could be mind-mapped with relevant documents attached, podcasts linked to sub-topics and relevant video clips to help bring revision alive for students and to make it more interactive.

I think this holds great potential for some active and indeed interactive geography revision, with multmedia used to bring to life the concepts mapped out. I have had a quick go at mapping out some river concepts (see screenshot below) and am hoping over the next week or two to explore the multimedia options available.

Mindomo Screenshot

Mindomo Screenshot

Other online mind-mapping tools to explore include:






E-Learning Pick of the Day

Jane’s E-Learning Pick of the Day seems to be an excellent way of keeping up to date with e-learning tools and ideas. Updated on a daily basis with suggested links and ideas to support e-learning. Written by Jane Hart of the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies. Certainly one to keep an eye on – and I’ve added it to my blogroll!! Thanks to Val Vannet for letting me know about this one.