Interactive Games made great starters and plenaries in the classroom as well as being an excellent revision tool.

Hot Potatoes

This popular set of quiz generators is free to use by public funded education institutes as long as the games that are created are made freely available on the web. The Hot Potatoes generators can be downloaded here.

What can be created?

    Multiple Choice Quizzes
    Short Answer Quizzes
    Matching / Ordering
    Gap Fill Exercises

Some examples of Hot Potato Generated quizzes can be found here: Example 1; Example 2; Example 3

Again – students can be encouraged to create their own quizzes to share with each other.

Content Generator Games

Andrew Field has produced an excellent set of easy to use interactive game generators which students love. There are a number of games as well as some great revision tools – here are some examples:

Games include:

Revision Tools:

The content generator software can be purchased as a personal or school licence and once purchased allows you to produce unlimited games for your website, classroom etc. They can be purchased as individual game generators or in a bundle and the prices are very reasonable. If a school licence is purchased students are also able to create their own games which in itself is a useful revision exercise and of course these games can then be shared via the learning zone or department websites. Fling the Teacher and the Multiple Choices generators are actually free of charge. There is an excellent support forum as well. The generators are very easy to use – simply enter the questions and answers and the games are automatically generated.

There is a growing collection of these games available on the internet for many different subjects – see some of the following links:


Other Tools for creating Quizzes:

Sliding Puzzle Tool

Puzzlemaker (Discovery)

Online Crossword Puzzle Maker

Online Wordsearch Maker

Puzzles and Games Downloads – include Who Wants to be a Millionaire Template

Of course you can also design and create your own games using Flash (see the flash pages for links to tutorials)


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