ICT Training – Blogs and Wikis

This session will explore the potential uses of an educational weblog (blog) and will give staff an opportunity to set up and start to use their own blog using wordpress.

An Introduction to Blogs and Wikis:


Training Session Handout Booklet “Starting your own Blog” – a teacher’s guide to setting up and running and educational blog using wordpress.

There are other free blogging tools online as well as wordpress, including the excellent Blogger, which I have used both for www.geobytesgcse.blogspot.com and www.geobytesadvancedextension.blogspot.com – John Barlow has kindly agreed to me hosting a copy of his great guide to setting a Blogger weblog for those that would also like to try blogger!

Other blogging tools online include edublogs (makes use of wordpress), 21classes and typepad (this is a subscription service) amongst others.



Examples of Subject Specific Weblogs to explore during the session (look at the different uses of the blogs – consider how they could be applied in your subject – how could you make best use of a blog?)







Due to time constraints we may not have much time to cover wikis – so here are some follow up links to help you find out more:

Wiki Articles:

Free Wiki Hosting Sites:

Examples of Educational Wikis

If you have any feedback or further questions regarding the session, please use the comment function below or email me.


2 Responses to “ICT Training – Blogs and Wikis”

  1. ncowie Says:

    It is nice to see my blog for English students at Katikati College (NZ) mentioned in in your list but just to clear up a wee point, my gender-I am a female. Thanks!

  2. geoblogbytes Says:

    My sincere apologies I have now altered this! Rob 🙂

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